Me, Mariusz Dejcz…

I was born in 1972 in Poland. I was raised in a very creative family full of artists - from painters and sculptors to fashion designers. It wasn’t a big surprise that from a very young age I found myself passionate about creating.

Most of all, I just loved to watch my dad at work. He had owned his woodworking shop. In the beginning, I was was just watching, then helping with his projects, and finally, I started to work on my own pieces. Back then I would take every chance to learn new things and discover new ways to express myself in the art of woodworking.

Besides handcrafting, I was strongly interested in martial arts. Daily practices taught me a lot of self-control, discipline, and consistency. I was always working towards the goals.

A few years later, when the time had come to choose the path of my further education, I made a seemingly surprising decision. I had chosen the metalworking school. In my opinion, at that time, I knew everything about wood - it was time to learn something totally new.

After 3 years of metalworking school, in 1989, the political situation in the country made me leave my home and move to Germany. That dramatic change in my life had lead to the big transformation of my art style. I had become way more open to new experiences and ways of expression.

Shortly after moving to Hamburg I became to collaborate and work together with other artists. I was actively taking part in organizing many local exhibitions.

At that time I became close with Andreas Ozarek and Mechtild Von Danneber - the owners of the Ascan Crone Gallery in Berlin and other cities. Thanks to them I found out about how passionate I am about the fully unique pieces. My work from those times for some was a piece of genius, for others - straight foolery.

In early ‘90 I began to design my first tables. I was trying my best to keep them innovative and ahead of their times. I was fascinated by the combination of metal and wood. I started to use the wood species from all around the world - from polish oak to african bubinga.

1991 was the year when I opened my construction and remodeling company. We were doing basically everything - from building houses to final detailed finishes. Every single spare second I was spending to designing, drawing, and working on new, unique pieces.

25 years later, despite the success in Germany, together with my family we had decided to move to Florida, USA. We’ve been living there since 2016. Living and working in the US was finally a chance for me to follow my dreams and become a fulfilled artist. I have my own interior design company, I design custom furniture, I paint. One of my biggest inspiration in artistic work is nature. I always try to use natural and eco-friendly materials - wood, metal, glass. In painting and designing I am using an extremely rare technique of metal painting. I love the fact that in my professional life I’ve got to the point where I am creating the pieces that are fully unique. Every single of my pieces has a certificate of its quality and unique nature.